When done by a professional mechanic in Belize, an oil change is a quick and easy procedure. Greasing your car is also important to keep it in good condition, because clean oil will keep your engine running properly and increase its life span. But many people overlook this problem until a major problem occurs.

Many drivers only change the oil when they have a lot of mileage, but it should be changed for other reasons such as the age of the car, quality of the oil. Here are some indicators that your engine needs an oil change.

1. Noises

Lack of lubrication generates noises in the metal parts of the engine, due to engine wear. In extreme cases, a knocking noise will be heard, which means that the engine is being destroyed.

2. High-pitched sound 

It indicates that the camshaft is about to seize up if it reaches an excessive temperature, causing some parts to fuse together.

3. Poor engine performance

If this happens, it is likely that one of the cams is broken or there is excessive looseness. In addition, a high fuel consumption is observed.

4. Mileage

Oil change intervals are defined by the vehicle manufacturer, based on the distance or time traveled. Under normal conditions, lubricants need to be changed at 5,000 km, semi-synthetics at 10,000 km and synthetics should not exceed 30,000 km.

5. Malfunctions

Failure to change the oil within the period indicated by the manufacturer will cause dirt to accumulate in the filter, which will eventually become clogged, resulting in poor performance of the car. In addition to this, the engine temperature will increase.

6. Engine indicator or lubricant change indicator

The vehicle itself will alert of the lubricant change. The oil change indicator will light up when there is not enough fluid in the system. In more severe cases the engine indicator will light up.