Ford specializes in the manufacture of automobiles. Ford achieved 41 consecutive years leading sales in the UK. The company had the largest commercial vehicle (CV) sales, with 123,958 units. Ford carried the same scheme in 2018. That improved its sales value in 2018. This ensured that the company continued to be a leader in vehicle sales.

According to its president and CEO of Ford, sales growth in 2017 was positive. Despite the challenges in the market. The company has offered its customers the best models of cars. The company's CV models are the best models.

Ford has built class-leading vehicles for all major areas. Ford is about to launch a model called the Fiesta. The ST and Active models are one of the small car models that are most technologically advanced in 2018.

Annual sales in the UK were down 5.7%. This represents a figure of 2,540,617 in relation to 2016. In 2017 the company obtained sales of 287,396 cars. They also had a market share of 11.3% and sales of 78,938 above their competition.

The company has established itself as a leader in sales. In December 2017, retail car sales were 10.6%, 2.8% above its competitors. The company's annual sales quota was 11.7.

Many buyers in Europe prefer the Ford Fiesta model. This model was one of the best-selling cars that has been kept for nine consecutive years. The wide variety of CVs that Ford has helped them get better sales on commercial cars for the Ford company. For example, CV sales in the UK in 2017 were 370,162, that is, 3.5% less than the previous year.

The CV manufacturing sector in the UK started in 1965, and has been greatly assisted by Ford Transit. Ford Transit Custom ranked sixth in the annual total of cars sold that year.