Families often travel to different destinations in Belize, either short or long distances. Others, on the contrary, decide to do it by plane or bus, leaving their vehicle stored in the garage for several days, even weeks, without any activity.

Both scenarios, inevitably, have direct consequences on the car battery, so it is recommended to take some precautionary measures and care in order not to affect its performance and, consequently, its lifespan.

Here are four useful tips for battery care:

1. Avoid extreme temperatures:

Batteries reach optimum performance at room temperature, not so when exposed to extreme climatic situations, due to their operation which is based on electrochemical reactions. These reactions, precisely, are reinforced when the temperature drops, reducing the maximum current of the battery and, therefore, the acceleration of the vehicle.

2. Make a smart use of electrical devices: 

The car, especially on long road trips, ceases to be a simple means of transportation to become an entertainment tool, through which families can enjoy the time listening to music or watching a movie. However, what many do not know is that elements such as the radio, lights and heating, among others, consume a significant amount of energy, especially when the car is not running. This generates a much faster discharge of the battery and, consequently, a drastic decrease in its useful life. 

The most advisable thing to do, then, is to make an intelligent use of the electronic devices in the car, to protect and take care of the battery during road trips.

3. Avoid short trips

Driving less than 10 minutes wears out the battery's useful life, as it takes at least ten kilometers of driving for the battery to fully recharge and recover. Consequently, if there is not enough recharging time, the battery may be completely discharged.

4. Pay attention before and during the trip:

Usually, a person only realizes that he or she must change his or her battery when it is reaching the end of its useful life and the breakdown is irremediable. However, there are warning signs that a driver can and should follow to avoid reaching this limit situation.

One of them has to do with the ignition of the car, because in case it does not start immediately, the best thing to do is to go to a specialized center and ask if the battery should be changed.