Cracks often appear on windshields after rain in Belice. Dirt and debris remain on the surface when you wipe it with wipers. Wiping with windshield wipers leaves a lot of scratches. Good windshield maintenance can help remove dirt and water from sticking to the surface. To improve clarity, it is best to use microfiber wipes. If your windshield wipers don't remove the dirt properly, it won't let you see well and may cause an accident.

Rain repellent products have been gaining acceptance since the early 1990s. Other companies, such as Stoner, then began producing products that cleaned the glass and repelled rain at the same time.

Having a rain repellent product and using it on your vehicle will allow you to not have to clean your vehicle's windshield frequently. It also helps to remove dirt and dust from the windshield, so it is easier to clean without having to use harsh glass cleaners.

To prevent debris, water, insects and rain dirt from damaging the windshield, windshield products are essential for better vision. Their aim is to gain the confidence of consumers to drive in rainy weather and avoid further damage.

Key points

Water-repellent windshield protection products allow driving in the rain without using windshield wipers. They create a layer on the windshield glass to repel water droplets, so that droplets are formed and carried away by the wind when driving.

Regularly wash the car: It is not enough to pass your car through a car wash or wash it by hand: the windows must be cleaned with special attention. Don't forget to clean the interior glass, which tends to accumulate mist.

Watch your windows when driving: debris, bug guts, streaks and dirt can cause you to miss something important on the road.
Remove water spots: tap water has some chemicals that can discolor the surface of glass over time.