Repairing a leak in the radiator of our car is a very simple task in Belize that we can do ourselves to save costs. The car radiator, what is it and what functions does it perform, is a fundamental element when it comes to preventing the engine from overheating. Thus, when there are leaks or imperfections in it, the process it performs could be affected and end up causing significant damage to the engine.

How do we know if the radiator of our car has a leak?

Generally, identifying a leak in the radiator of a car is relatively easy as we will usually find puddles of coolant under the vehicle when we leave it parked and bubbling will occur at the source of the leak itself.

To check where the leak has originated, we will have to start the engine and check where the coolant overflows, which is a greenish liquid. We will also have to look at the reservoir cap to discard that it is not this element that has acquired leakage.

Why do antifreeze leaks occur? 

There are several reasons for this to happen:

Problem 1: Error in the radiator cap.

The most common cause is in the pressure limiting mechanism that is responsible for extracting the heat produced by combustion and dissipating it through the radiator. Simply put, it is the radiator cap which, once in place, functions more like a pressure valve.

Problem 2: Leaking hose or clamps

Leaks from a hose or clamps are also quite common, since due to the material (plastic) they are very easily damaged. This type of leak is difficult to find, as the hot system raises the temperature of the engine and evaporates the liquid.

Problem 3: Combustion Chamber Failure

Also, the loss or leakage of antifreeze fluid can be generated by the combustion chamber (in the engine crankcase that helps cool fluids such as oil) due to cracks or poor installation of the same.

What happens if your car runs out of antifreeze fluid? 

As mentioned above, one of the main functions of this fluid is to absorb the heat of your engine, preventing overheating. That said, if your car runs out of antifreeze fluid or has a considerable leak, it may end up burning.